Bring your construction into the 21st century with The Erosion Eel Family of innovative and sustainable erosion & sediment control products from FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT

  • Replaces Rock Check Dams, Silt Socks, Silt Fence, and Wattles
  • Sustainable, Reusable, made from Recyclable Materials
  • Requires no trenching for installation
  • No soil disturbance during installation
  • Requires stacking only in conentrated flow areas

Friendly Environment, manufacturer of the Erosion Eel, is dedicated to making quality erosion and sediment control devices.
Whether using the Erosion Eel for a check dam or the Gutter Eel to protect your curb inlet, you can trust in our products. When dewatering is needed on your next project we can help with our Floc Box along with our FlocMat.

The Erosion Eel is a self weighted sediment tube filled with recycled tires. The Erosion Eel is backed by independent testing and out performs most other BMPs. The Eel can be used in place of:  rock check dams, silt fence, compost socks and many other.

The Gutter Eel is a self weighted curb inlet protection device. Much like the Erosion Eel, it is also filled with recycled tires and the same durable design. The Gutter Eel comes with a manufactured over flow weir so ponding does not occur.

The Floc Box is a mobile dewatering trailer. Using PAM and FlocMat filters, the Floc Box can replace dewatering bags.

FlocMat is jute material that has been impregnated with PAM.

SMARTfence® 36 is a geotextile sediment-control fence that has been structurally enhanced to prevent silt-fence failure due to both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces.