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The Erosion Eel

The Erosion Eel is a highly effective erosion control device used at a construction site to prevent sediment from leaving the job site. The Eel is used in lieu of other conventional BMP items.

The Erosion Eel

  • Is made of a woven polypropylene geotextile
  • Is filled with recycled tires
  • Requires no staking (except in concentrated flow)
  • Is a hardy and sustainable BMP

Sizes Available

  • 9.5" dia.x 10'L Eel. (150 lbs) (14 per pallet)
  • 9.5"dia. x 4.5'L Eel (40lbs) (28 per pallet)
  • Custom sizes from 12" to 20" dia. available

The Gutter Eel

The Gutter Eel is designed much like the Erosion Eel. It is a weighted sediment tube filled with recycled tires. The difference is the Gutter Eel has a manufactured overflow weir designed into the bag. This helps reduce ponding in roadways during heavy rains.

Simply put the Gutter Eel in front of your curb inlet and and it will do the rest!

Gutter Eel is available in 7' and 10' lengths.


The Floc Box

The Floc Box is a mobile dewatering trailer. It is a polymer enhanced dewatering system. It can be conveniently delivered to any job site. Like all Friendly Environment products, it is made to be used over and over again.

The Floc Box

  • Accepts a 3" pump  (can be customized)
  • Uses the FlocMat as biodegradable filters
  • Replaces dewatering bags
  • Is a durable and sustainable option for dewatering



FlocMat is raw jute matting that is impregnated with polyacrylamide. Flocmat is useful under the Erosion Eel in check dam applications to insure bonding with the ground. It can also be used in spots that are prone to reeling.

  • Available in bags of 4' x 25' lengths





The woven geotextile fence of the SMARTfence® HD is fabricated to resist high-tensile stresses and prevent excessive material elongation and strain. Multiple horizontal textile-fabric reinforcing pockets are interwoven into the primary fence fabric to create reinforced strap pockets positioned at structurally strategic locations along the fence height. In addition, a post-tensioning tendon/chord is placed within each horizontal strap pocket to provide a structural member across the machine direction of the fence that can be pulled tightly to increase tension in the tendon/chord and the overall fence system. The post-tensioned fence system will resist fence deflection and ultimate failure due to ripping, sagging, or overturning as hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces associated with excessive backwater depths, debris flows and overtopping move against the SMARTfence® HD.

SMARTfence® HD Specification Sheet

SMARTfence® HD Comparison Sheet