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Dedicated to making quality erosion and sediment control devices since 2006.

SMARTfence® (Patented)

Is a 100% American-made geotextile sediment-control fence that has been structurally enhanced to prevent silt-fence failure due to both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces.​

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Erosion Eel 

Is a self weighted sediment tube filled with shredded rubber from recycled tires. The Erosion Eel is backed by independent testing and is an effective sediment-control BPM. The Eel can be used in place of: rock and wattle check dams, silt fence, and compost socks.

Gutter Eel

Is a self weighted curb inlet protection device. Much like the Erosion Eel, it is also filled with shredded rubber from recycled tires and the same durable design. The Gutter Eel comes with a manufactured overflow weir to help with ponding issues.

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Floc Box 

Is a mobile dewatering trailer, which functions as a mobile sediment pond. Using flocculants and FlocMat filters, the Floc Box is mounted on a trailer and delivers a compact sediment pond to small construction footprints such as urban construction sites.

Floc Mat

Is raw jute matting that is impregnated with a flocculant. Floc Mat is placed beneath the Erosion Eel to enhance water quality. 

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