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The Erosion Eel

The Erosion Eel is used in lieu of other conventional BMP items.

The Erosion Eel is a highly effective sediment control device used at a construction site to prevent sediment from leaving the job site.

The Erosion Eel

  • Replaces Rock and Wattle Check Dams, Silt Socks, Silt Fence, and Wattles

  • Sustainable, Reusable, made from shredded rubber from recycled tires

  • Requires no trenching for installation

  • No soil disturbance during installation

  • Is a hardy and sustainable BMP

  • Requires no staking (except in concentrated flow applications)

Available Sizes:

  • 9.5" dia.x 10'L Eel. (≈160lbs each) (14 per pallet)

  • 9.5"dia. x 4.5'L Eel (≈55lbs each) (28 per pallet)

  • 12" dia. x 10'L Eel (≈250lbs each) (8 per pallet)

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Erosion Eel


Erosion Eel


Erosion Eel

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